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Replacing or repairing your roof usually comes through unexpected circumstances. It can leave you seeing dollar signs and swimming in a sea of sales pitches. We’ve got good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. For more than 40 years we’ve helped thousands of families restore their homes, and we can do it for you too with professional residential roofing experts in OKC.

Storm Damage

We respond quickly with clear pricing and quick residential roofing installation.

Roof Replacement

Enduring quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Roof Repair

We’ll solve the problem with a lasting solution.

Straight from
our customers

Craig D.
Roof Replacement

I would like to give the team from Salazar Roofing a '12' on a scale from 1 to 10.

Patricia S.
Roof Replacement

We could not be more pleased and we are definitely recommending Salazar to others who need their high-quality service.

Heather D.
Roof Replacement

Salazar roofing did a wonderful job. They were very professional and prompt with my roof and gutter job. I would recommend them highly.

Viola K.
Roof Replacement

Fourth time to use Salazar. Always a job well done, always a reason to call them. David and his crew did a fantastic job. Will recommend and call again if I need to.

Paul R.
Roof Replacement

Salazar roofing did an outstanding job from start to finish for my new roof installation. They came out immediately with a very fair quote. [...] The installers were very professional and worked extremely hard to complete the work on time. I highly recommend Salazar roofing.

Residential Roof Replacement

We provide an expansive range of residential roofing materials.


Tailored for the toughest weather conditions.

Stone Coated Steel

Low maintenance, efficient, durable

Duro-Last PVC

High performance, long lasting


Wind and impact resistant

Ludowichi Tile

Shake, clay, slate, and more

DaVinci Slate

Synthetic composite, resistant to wear

Select Slate

Durable cement matrix with wow-factor


A single-ply roofing system

We use proven, tested, grade-A materials that are guaranteed to perform. Your Salazar Roofing Specialist is with you through the whole process.

We use proven, tested, grade-A materials that are guaranteed to perform. Your Salazar Roofing Specialist is with you through the whole process.

Trusted Relationships.
Lasting solutions.

  1. Discover - We uncover the issues.
  2. Advocate - We become your ally in the claim process.
  3. Plan - We develop a collaborative project map.
  4. Install - We use premium materials and proven installation processes.
  5. Inspect - We review all checkpoints for quality control.
  6. Care - We remain available for ongoing support.

What We're Great At.

We install roofs that are guaranteed to perform.
We pay attention to details. We follow through.

Get Help with Your Insurance Claim
Stone Coated Steel
Duro-Last PVC

We maintain certifications with the best material manufacturers in the industry. This means we complete regular installation training, testing, and ongoing education. Our top-notch partnerships help us provide the fast turnaround times that have become synonymous with the Salazar name.

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